Bridge the Bay: Co-Founder of The Coronado Music Festival

Bridge the Bay is a CNT podcast focused on news and entertainment. 

Co-Founder of The Coronado Music Festival shares the intertwined history of her story and music with the Coronado community.
Bridge the Bay • Mar 9

Bridge The Bay’s Elaine Alfaro, speaks with the Co-Founder of the Coronado Music Festival, novelist and flamenco guitar player Jennifer Franks. She describes her musical journey as a local musician amidst the COVID-19 world.

Franks finds hope and joy in music through working with the Coronado Music Festival and the Emerald C Gallery. The Gallery held open mic evenings outdoors over the past year when guidelines permitted.

She shares her life journey growing up in a multitude of countries as child and how she came to call the ‘Crown City’ as her permanent home. Those experiences led her to find a passion and love for flamenco music and the community of Coronado. 

This is the latest episode of Bridge The Bay, a student produced podcast presented by the Coronado Community News Team.

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