Our mission is to provide information services to the people of Coronado, CA.

Our Story

We are members of the Coronado Public Library and our goal is to create a model to share with other libraries to help them tackle local news deserts.

News deserts are becoming a challenge for communities around the US. Our goal is to provide a model to alleviate the pressures that news deserts are creating.

People trust libraries to be neutral in their handling of information and this is something that many communities could benefit from.

Shaun Briley


Shaun Briley, Library Director
Nicholas Burmeister, Technology Librarian
Katia Graham, Children’s Librarian
Ivy Weston, Programing, Marketing and Outreach Librarian
Lily Yates, Library Assistant
Jacqueline Luna, Adult Services Librarian
Martin Kruming, Professor or Journalism San Diego State University
Zoë Meyers, Photo and Video Journalist at inewsource
Scott Horsley, NPR Chief Economics Correspondent
Matt Hall, San Diego Union Tribune Editorial and Opinion Director
Jeff McDonald, San Diego Union-Tribune Watchdog Reporter
Jasmine Aguilera, Time Magazine Immigration Staff Writer
Dana Littlefield, San Diego Union-Tribune Public Safety Editor
Ashley Na, Intern
Chris LeFall, Intern
Gabriel Schneider, Intern
Harshawn Ratanpal, Intern
Robert Carver, Intern
Vicky Pineda, Intern
Ryan Murphy, Intern
Jayne Yutig, Intern
Lainie Alfaro, Intern 

Become a Citizen Journalist

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